Get greater ROI with interactive virtual events.

We dedicate our virtual events platform to empower you with an enhanced connection with the audience from around the globe, meeting your business goals.

Use Cases:
Virtual Town Hall Meetings
Virtual Exhibitions
Virtual Training & Certification
Virtual Product Launches
Virtual Marketing Events
Virtual Sales Events
Virtual Recruitment Events
Virtual Communication Events
Virtual Trade Shows
Virtual Conferences
Virtual Job Fairs
Virtual Education Fairs
Virtual Corporate Meetings
Virtual Corporate Events
Virtual Internal Hybrid Events
Virtual External Hybrid Events
Virtual Online Summit
Virtual Awards Shows
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Virtual Event Expert

Undistorted Networking

The event hosts and attendees have an open opportunity to network with each other and other attendees. It helps the attendees interact one on one, share opinions on the exhibition, and also exchange professional and personal information.

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Immersive Experience

Let the attendee walk through the virtual infrastructure. Let it be through the lobby or exhibition halls to attend various sessions just like one does in a real, physical event, but effortless and saves time.

Digital Briefcase

Take with yourself the information you collected from the event, be it a digital business card, e-brochure, or any other business collateral. The digital briefcase allows you to save all this information from the event to your device.

Virtual Event Platform

Schedulable Sessions

Got caught up somewhere during a session? No more worries about missing a session, as Events N Expo features session rescheduling as per your convenience. Even if it is a personal meeting with one of the vendors, you can schedule a meeting later after the live event.

Insights & Analysis

Readable on-screen data is easily accessible, but what about the crucial data at the backend. Yeppar’s Virtual Event platform allows you to have full access to visibility for your Virtual Events and current content to assist you in gaining functional insights and improve your sales funnel, to result in the growth of your business.

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Personalized Content

Be it sponsor branding, themed event, color schemes, or custom URL, we got you covered! Our virtual event platform offers you entirely flexible and customizable branding, just like in a physical event.

Reach out to your global audience effectively.

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Pricing Per Package

Packages Include



Standard Registration

Event Themes

Event Spaces (1 Of Each Space)

Lobby, Theater, Sponsor Directory, Resource Center, Help & Profile Only


Sponsor Spaces

Email Communications (Registration Conf, Reminders, Post Event)

Messaging (Announcements & Marquees)

Games (1 Trivia & 1 Puzzle)

Badging (Achievement (up to 10), Identification, Credential)

Promotions (Display Ads, Giveaways)

Display Ads Only

Social Media (Content Sharing/Social Login)

Event Features (Chat, Presentation Tracks, Search, Surveys)

Mobile Access

Standard Metrics (Data Portal)

  • API/Standard SSO
  • Custom SSO
  • Custom Forms
  • Paid Registration Packages
  • Marketing Automation & CRM
  • Attendee & Sponsor Types
  • Custom Reports & Metrics Analysis
  • 19 offered languages, Google Translate, Bing Translate
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Learning
  • Engagement/Gamification
Live Day Support
  • Phone Support (live day conference bridge)
  • War Room (½ day, full day, or multi-day options)
Creative Services
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Design & Layouts
  • Amplify
  • Custom Spaces
  • Unsupported VCU’s
  • Bitrate Increase Levels
  • Events with 25+ Webcasts
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